Meet the Squad



Futunity UK’s dance squad is made up of five different crews, DUY, Push to Start, Krysalis, Distract and Zodiac. Participating regularly in street dance competitions and performing at events. Our dancers are no strangers to showing off their talents at any opportunity.

Dancers (from our academy and outside) are welcome to audition in front of a panel made up of our squad coaches as well as guest judges. The two hour session involves learning set choreography as a group and performing it in smaller groups (usually of 4/5 dancers), this is then assessed on four different criteria: pick up rate, musicality, performance and cleanliness. The second part of the session is based on the dancer’s freestyle ability, as this is a key category within competition events. All squad dancers must re-audition to remain in their crews.

Dancers train for four hours a week (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) as part of their crew. It is essential that members attend all crew sessions. It is expected that they also take the time to attend academy sessions to strengthen their technique and overall potential as dancers. Nearer to competitions / events, the rehearsal timings may expand and stretch over other days of the week to ensure the sets are at their highest potential.

As well as competing, crews are also available for local performances (school fetes, community and charity events). If you are interested in our crews performing at your event,  please contact Nicole at